Moving Toward The Endgame: A Spiritual Journey

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What is Black Liberation Theology

Here is a clip from the forum: Black Liberation Theology. What is Black Liberation Theology?

The West Dayton Youth Task Force was blessed to host a panel dialogue on the topic ‘Black Liberation Theology’ on April 10th, 2016 at the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Black Liberation Theology was developed in the 1960s as an interpretation of the gospel of Jesus Christ through a black perspective. The often credited developer, James Cone, was desirous of mixing his Christian faith (like that of Dr. Martin Lither King Jr.) and the militancy of Malcolm X.

This dialogue was a lively discussion among active and retired Pastors, theological instructors, and students of scripture.


So what’s this blog about?

Typically, I’m not one to tell all my business, let you know where I’m located at the current time, where I’m eating at, the hotel I’m staying in, and all that. That ain’t me!

What I am willing to do is to share some of my interests. I might be what you call a ‘renaissance man’, or a person with a wide variety of likes and activities that draw my attention. In 2017, my big brother may say that I’m just another product of the MTV generation that has ADD.

Nonetheless, here are a few of my interests: Hip-Hop music, Islam, West African history, robotics, agribusiness, chess, Black Liberation Theology, spirituality, computing, economics, the teaching of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the field of education, sociology, Pan-Africanism, Socialism, engineering, learning management systems, self-improvement, creativity, Moorish science, Yoga, and  Kemit to name a few.

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Don’t trip, I got plenty of work to do

Some people saw my last post about being laid off and thought that I might be sad or in a bad situation. But that was not my point at all for sharing. It was more so about who I worked for. Over last six or seven months attending Dayton Public Schools-school board meetings I’ve heard school board members say this that and the other about how they feel about ECOT and wish somebody would tell them why parents send their children to this school.

And I would just laugh to myself because I was an Orientation Liaison at the time which meant that all of the parents that were leaving Dayton public schools came to me for an orientation once their child was enrolled in ECOT. It was me that asked each of them, “what brings you to ECOT”? A yes I’ve heard some pretty interesting answers, probably around 300 of em’.

Fortunately for me, my family has made a unique amount of sacrifice to engage in what some will call the fight for social justice or human rights. My wife made an enormous sacrifice to quit her state job to run her own social justice organization, Racial Justice NOW!.

zakiya in ohio

She has traveled all over the country for the last few years, attending conferences, sitting on panels, going to other activists events, doing days at the capital etc.
I was able to hold it together at home with our children and maintain a local front with RJN! and the West Dayton Youth Task Force. Our work has been in education but in broader context, Black Liberation.

This past February my wife (Zakiya Sankara-Jabar) transitioned to the position of National Field Organizer for the Dignity in Schools Campaign. It was then that I became Interim Director of RJN!. Not only did my wife leave RJN! in a strong position to make a difference in our community, but additionally as a funded organization that is able to operate with a budget. This transition from ECOT is a blessing and a time of joy for me and my family. So don’t feel sorry for me. In the field of education there is plenty of work to do.


Excited as a Runaway Slave

I was officially laid off from my job today! (ECOT – electronic classroom of tomorrow; a K-12 online school) I got to work late and realized that I was the only one in the office for the day. My office manager had taken off the whole week and I was just returning from vacation. My phone rang and the caller ID read the name of a woman from the Columbus office that I rarely talk to. When I answered the phone it wasn’t the woman that I spoke of, it was my office manager’s boss. He called me with a script and told me that today would be my last day.

While it may be somewhat of a surprise, we were warned ahead of time and knew that it was possible, but I’m not the least bit mad. I feel very good about the experience that I had, the families and children I helped the last two years, and the many things I learned. I’m excited to start a new chapter in life and one of them is this blog.

The first pic is me at ECOT 2017 graduation. I worked with the logistics team, as parents and student returned their computers.

The second pic is me at the ECOT 2017 rally at the statehouse, fighting against the state wanting $60 million returned. (It was optional attendance for employees- wink,wink.

The third pic is me and my office manager, Mrs. B., at the rally.

Change Must Come


Change Must Come.

H.A. Jabar