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Excited as a Runaway Slave

I was officially laid off from my job today! (ECOT – electronic classroom of tomorrow; a K-12 online school) I got to work late and realized that I was the only one in the office for the day. My office manager had taken off the whole week and I was just returning from vacation. My phone rang and the caller ID read the name of a woman from the Columbus office that I rarely talk to. When I answered the phone it wasn’t the woman that I spoke of, it was my office manager’s boss. He called me with a script and told me that today would be my last day.

While it may be somewhat of a surprise, we were warned ahead of time and knew that it was possible, but I’m not the least bit mad. I feel very good about the experience that I had, the families and children I helped the last two years, and the many things I learned. I’m excited to start a new chapter in life and one of them is this blog.

The first pic is me at ECOT 2017 graduation. I worked with the logistics team, as parents and student returned their computers.

The second pic is me at the ECOT 2017 rally at the statehouse, fighting against the state wanting $60 million returned. (It was optional attendance for employees- wink,wink.

The third pic is me and my office manager, Mrs. B., at the rally.


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