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Honor thy Mother and Father: Re-establishing the family library

As Original Black people, as Asiatics, as Africans, as Moors (or however you choose to self define) we have been robbed our our history, culture, traditions and customs. There are many things that we used to do as a people, traditionally, that we have absolutely no idea about.

We have been lied to in a variety of ways about how great our people were and what all they accomplished. One of our rich traditions that we carried as a people was that of learning (today called education). Not only did we write books and have libraries, but we actually taught the Europeans, whose children run the world we live in.

Our history has been intentionally buried and hidden, such as the nose that was blown off the sphinx in ancient Egypt (Kemet) or the libraries that were burned down in the temple or school of Luxor (Kush).



In an effort to

1. honor my Mothers and Fathers and

2. reconnect with the ancient traditions of my people

I have begun the process of reestablishing our family’s library under the name of my great grandfather Bishop John Jamison Moor ( a Bishop of the A.M.E. Zion church).    Knowledge is our birthright and much of it has been stolen from us. John J Moor Lunar Visitor1.png

I find many lessons about family libraries and their significance to our culture in Timbuktu, Mali where people came from all over the world to study at the feet of Black scholars. It was families that maintained libraries of manuscripts, documents, maps and the like that created trade and attracted people from all over the world.

It was families that maintained and hid the books when outsiders came to steal and burn what wasn’t theirs. So as we reconnect to our rich history, heritage and culture, I ask that you take a look at the videos that I share about Timbuktu and help me as I try to help us restore ourselves back to our traditional greatness.


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