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What does it mean (to a Black man in America) to be turning 40?

In approximately 40 days, I will turn 40 years old. All things considered, I think I have done okay to be where I am. Like many of us, I would have liked to have achieved or done more, but I am thankful for what I have accomplished thus far. As I approach the BIG 4-0, I thought I would share a few thoughts about this life journey, from the perspective of a Black man in America.

So with that said:

  • Many African American males don’t make it past 21 despite the published statistics of our life expectancy being around 72 years of age. If it’s not the poverty or oppression that gets us it may be the inter-communal crime, poor health or even infant mortality.
  • One thing I realize is that I am still able to maintain a certain body type through a good diet, but the need to exercise, at minimum, an hour a day is vitally necessary, but even more so important (for me) is the need to stretch.
  • My mother told me that by 30 I should at least know what direction I am going in regarding my career. Well, I can at least say that I know the direction at 40. According many numerologists -4 stands for foundation; as there are 4 sides to a square, and a square lays the foundation for the builder to build upon.
  • I am now excepting the fact that I am an elder to the hip-hop generation and I can’t dress myself as if I am the same age as young people. I am a professional in life, not an athlete or rap artist and my attire must reflect that. So NO, I can’t get away with the wearing jerseys, sweats, baseball caps etc. (all the time) if I want to reflect my age and the professionalism that should go along with being 40.
  • In many ways, for a Black man in America, I started having children late- at the old age of 27. My oldest children are eleven and that comes with increased family responsibilities- sports, extra-curricular activities, explanations to life, counseling , life insurance and more….
  • Lastly for today- at 39 and above one’s sex life changes. I won’t get too deep on this one for now. Sex is still a wonderful creation, and I support plenty of it, but let’s just say I’m not 20 anymore.

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